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Hiring us for our maid cleaning services is available to anyone that is in need of a good house or office cleaning. We do not sell or share any data to any 3rd parties. All data is kept secured and privately.


Once we have completed a job, we require full payment or as agreed. There are no refunds of any kinds when job has been paid or completed. Once completed you have the opportunity to do a walk through and letting us know of any further cleaning or any kind of fixes toward our cleaning. Once job has been completed, job is done and completed and no refunds are allowed. This is a cleaning service and we have worked long hours to give you the best cleaning services.


We will require checking your ID when paying with checks. This is to make sure you are the owner of that check and we verify all information. Be ready to show us your ID if you are paying with a check. There is also a $35 fee for any returned or bounced checks. The bank do charge us a fee if there are any returned or bounce back in any way, so we need to cover all theses fee’s. Please make sure the check do have funds available; this way it saves you and us valuable time!

Need help?

Contact us at {email} for questions related to refunds and any payment questions.