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Virginia Affordable Maids

Virginia Affordable Maids , Maid Cleaning services for your home! Let us do the hard work for you!

Affordable Maids 4You, LLC - HomeAdvisor Elite Service

New Client Only: Please Call us if you are a new customer and this is your first appointment with us, Thank You!
Virginia Affordable Maids

At Affordable Maids 4 U we…

Don’t just clean houses, we also give you back the time you most need in your life. This way you can enjoy your time with your love ones and enjoy your beautiful, fresh home.

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Disinfectant Treatment HOUSE CLEANING

10% OFF First Cleaning Service

*Please Note: This is not a disinfectant for COVID-19, This service is to disinfect your kitchen, bathrooms, appliances, etc. We disinfect with professional chemicals that truly do an amazing job.

Affordable Maids 4 U Promise

House Cleaning Stafford VA


We will provide you with excellence in cleaning & customer service, integrity, trust and reliability.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We want to make sure every customer is completely happy with their cleaning. If you are ever dissatisfied with your cleaning, all you need to do is let us know within 24 hour of your services and we’ll re-clean at not additional costs to you.

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning is great for almost all first time customer’s. It helps get the home back up to 100% sparkling clean and rejuvenated. After the initial first deep cleaning service; your home will be ready for a recurring maintenance & cleaning service’s.

Our maid services in serious, heavy duty, detailed deep cleaning from top to bottom. Deep cleaning services are available at your work place (Offices), home, Residential Single Family Houses, Condo’s and Apartment’s.

Virginia Affordable Maids

Virginia Affordable Maids

Deep cleaning is a must for a new client. It is the best option and interest to have your home deep cleaned at the first service from us. It is because you will get the best results from us! After the first deep cleaning then you can get our normal cleaning recurring services. Please get a deep cleaning from us and you’ll be motivated and happier! Virginia Affordable Maids services for you!

We recommend it today for you! especially if you haven’t had your place deep cleaned in the past 30 days.

How does the deep cleaning works for you:
Removal of all build up grime, dust, grease inside the kitchen (Stove).

Tougher to remove but possible: grease in stove, tartar in the bathroom (We will require more & special product’s to be successful)


Move In/Out

Virginia Affordable Maids  – Moving in or out can be very stressful and time consuming and will require a lot of work. To top it off, you often have to clean your old home before moving to your new place.

When it comes to your vacancy cleaning needs, AM4U cleaning company has got you covered.